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Interviews: Sensitive Subject Matter

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Are there subject matters you would feel uncomfortable addressing as an interviewer because of personal issues? What is your plan to deal with that?

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Uncomfortable Subjects: Interview Process

There are certain subjects in an interview that I'd rather not carry out, issues that I consider as taboo from the onset. In social research, I interview subjects via the quantitative & qualitative process. Within the quantitative framework, every answer is taken as part of measurable data; therefore, if I have to, it is easier to ask subjects I am uncomfortable with through this means. Take for instance a sex survey data. I am quite uncomfortable asking subject about their sexual habits for a survey on reproductive matters, especially if these subjects are people I know, see every day and work with. It is hard for me to be scientific when I know the person and his friends & loved ones very well. Even then, quantifiable data in a quantitative interview with limited answers is the way to go for me. Questions like: "How many sexual partners have you had in the past?", "Do you consider sex to be a mere physical act?", "Have you, together with a partner, considered or gone through abortion of an unwanted child together?", "When was the last time you had sex?" - In quantitative research - the answer to ...

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The solution explains the process of interviews for the the purpose of data-gathering and field work. It answers the question of addressing uncomfortable subject matter especially that which the interviewer finds difficult to explore and actions that could be taken to address said problem. The solution is also attached as a word file written in APA format for easy printing and expansion.

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