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Identifying Research Methods

Explain the research methods used in the 2 articles about suicide in the united states then identify the methodological orientation that best reflects the methods used in the articles.


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Attached is a .rtf version of this solution that you can print/open through MSWord, it is a better version of the solution. As requested, I created a concise solution for you based on the posting above. Adopt as you would for your studies. Remember that there are 2 primary research methods although there are various interpretations according to the goals as well as influencing theories & philosophies of the research goal/subject matter. Good luck!

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Article 1: "Suicide Watch" by Joseph Williams

It is clear from the get-go that the author Williams used qualitative methods to get to the heart of his subject matter. One can easily assume from his work that his fieldwork included open interviews with personalities & characters that can give a sense of 'depth' to his subject matter as displayed ...

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The solutions looks at 2 articles on suicide and analyses said articles to determine which research methods were used to gather data and reinterpret them into informative facts. Sociological methods identified fall between the qualitative & quantitative methodologies differentiated by perspectives as well as strategies in data gathering & interpretation.