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Should managers e subject to sensitivity training?

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"The Golden Rule"

There are always times when managers have to correct their employees but correction should be done in a private place. Employees will be more receptive to constructive criticism and employees are able to maintain their dignity.

I learned an important fact about disciplining employees from one of my subordinates. After I corrected her, I attempted to speak with her on a totally different matter. This was early in my management career and the employee was angry with me and did not want to discuss anything with me. When I asked her why she had an attitude, she advised me that I have to right to correct her but I had no control over how she chose to take it.

She was on point. Employees need time to digest bad news. Employees are human and they do not turn off their emotions when they enter the workplace.

Should managers be subject to sensitivity training? Why or why not?

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Managers should always be subject to sensitivity training because they are in positions of authority. When managers are not sensitive, particularly ...

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