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    Business Management

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    Global Strategic Management

    Please assist so that I can complete the following. For your group project, consider Pfizer (http://www.pfizer.com/home/). Using the guidelines established in Chapter 11 of your text, produce a Strategic Audit for Pfizer. As you produce your Strategic Audit, make sure to include all eight sections. IFAS, EFAS, and SFAS tab

    Alcohol use helps boost income: study

    Please read this article and give me your thoughts. It is a is real recent media article reinforcing the abuse of relating correlation to causation. Alcohol use helps boost income: study WASHINGTON (AFP) - People who consume alcohol earn significantly more at their jobs than non-drinkers, according to a US study that

    Information Technology Change: 10 factors to solve data management problem

    1. What are 10 factors that are the key to solving a data management problem successfully? 2. How can being resourceful in the use of IT help other companies gain a competitive advantage? 3. What circumstances can resourceful use of IT hinder progress in an organization? 4. Describe Computer Emergency Response Team

    Creating Optimal Working Conditions

    6-7 paragraphs You have been requested to perform an ergonomic review of the workstations for all Executive Assistants in the company. Research what is needed in an environmental review in an office setting and identify the major factors to consider when performing an ergonomic review of the Executive Assistant workstations.

    Stages of Negotiation, Distributive and Integrative Bargaining

    I. What are the stages of negotiation? What are the three most important steps in the negotiation planning process and why? What steps would you add or delete from the negotiation planning process to make it more effective. Why? II. What is distributive bargaining? When is distributive bargaining appropriate to use? Why? Wha

    Program planning and grant proposals

    What is the relationship between program planning and grant proposals Responses should also discuss the similarities and differences between the two components and explain how they relate to each other.

    System 1 vs System 2 thinking

    Bazerman makes a distinction between two types of thinking. The intuitive, fast, effortless system one thinking versus the slower, conscious, system two thinking. Both approaches have their advantages and drawbacks. What type of thinking is most often applied in our work environments? Further, what systems and procedures do

    Team Creation & Development

    Identify how project team members are selected. Identify team building strategies. Identify potential areas of conflict within a diverse project team. Identify techniques for reducing the probability of dysfunctional conflict. Identify conflict resolution techniques that will be used when conflict arises.

    Organizing a proposal

    September 8, 2008 To: Andrea R. Martinez From: Monica Brennan, John Public, Mary Smith, Jim Jones (initials over each name) Subject: Proposal for a Plan to Achieve Improve Communication Skills, Resulting in Effective Sales Presentations and Income Gains for Blue Ridge Enterprise Good purpose statement

    Organizations as Political Systems: Marilyn Moats Kennedy's 1998 article

    Marilyn Moats Kennedy in 1998 published "The new rules of leadership and organizational politics - In the Trenches" in Physician Executive (http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m0843/is_1_24/ai_102286818), but you don't need to be a doctor, or even be sick, to understand that power, politics, and leadership are integrally tied

    Heuristics and Bias

    DB Unit 3 Heuristics are generally identified as "rules of thumb" that we use when making decisions. We evaluate information we already know, events we've already experienced, and actions we've already taken, to help us make quick and efficient decisions. In the heuristic process we make assumptions based on what we know, wha

    The Consumerism Movement

    This solution provides the learner with an understanding of the idea of the consumerism movement and provides an disussion on whether the movement is "alive and well" utilizing evidence to support the final conclusion.

    Research in the Business Environment

    This solution provides the learner with an overview of the challenges associated with conducting research in the business environment and further provides a discussion on methods by which these challenges can be overcome in the future.

    Learning Curves and Career Specialities

    This solution provides the learner with an understanding of the concept of learning curves and how a learning curve applies to specific business specialist. In particular, this solution provides the learner with a discussion on the concept of the learning curve and how it applies to accountants, marketers, financial analyst, per

    Approaches to Stakeholder Impact Analysis

    Approaches to Stakeholder Impact Analysis Describe how you might conduct a stakeholder impact analysis of Scenario 1 of using each of the stakeholder impact analysis approaches: moral standards, 5-question, and Pastin's approach. Note: You are not required to analyze the impact on each stakeholder. Post your descript

    Political Action Committees

    Are PACs a good way for businesses to influence the public policy process? What changes would you recommend for PACs?

    Linear programming

    Wineco produces wine cooler as a blend of wine, grape juice and apple juice ingredients, which it sells for $4 per gallon. The costs of ingredients are given in the following table: Cooler Ingredient Price per Gallon($) wines 1.20 grape juice 1.40 Apple juice 0.60 Wineco owns a blending plant with

    Strategic Management

    1. How does the concept "translate thought into action" bear on the relationship between business strategy and operating strategy? Between long-term and short-term objectives? 2. Under what conditions would it be more appropriate to fill a key management position with someone from outside the firm when a qualified insider is

    Sample Weighted Scoring Model to Determine Grades

    Create a weighted scoring model. Final grades are based on three exams worth 15%, 20%, and 25%, respectively; homework is worth 20%; and a group project is worth 20%. Enter scores for three students. Assume Student 1 earns 100% (or 100) on every item. Assume Student 2 earns 80% on each of the exams, 90% on the homework, and

    Nonverbal Behavior

    Describe or demonstrate a nonverbal behavior and suggest at least three different meanings that could be assigned to that behavior. Which of these meanings is "correct"? How do you know? To be intelligible, doesn't everyone who understands the nonverbal behavior have to share the same culture?

    Trigger Words

    How do you believe co-workers can handle situations when someone uses one of "their" trigger words. Do you have the responsibility to change your language once someone lets you know that one of your language patterns is a trigger for her or him? Where does the authority for this lie? In professional standards or in personal rela

    Research Analysis: Arcelor Mittal Case

    Research the multinational steel manufacturing company ArcelorMittal (http://www.arcelormittal.com/). After reviewing all of the documents which you can find on the web and in libraries, write a response analyzing this company in terms of their global strategic management. Consider the following ideas in your response: - Are

    Important Information about Research Testing

    Should an organization create research testing for all problems confronting the business? Why or why not? When is it appropriate to use exploratory research? Can decision-making be accomplished by using only descriptive research? Why or why not?

    Define RFQ and Business Analyst Job Description

    I am starting on a new Business Anaylst team at work and I need some suggestions to get started. First, could you provide some job description and duties for Business Analyst title? Secondly,I need to create RFQ process and flowchart for computer manufacturing company.

    Safety and genetically modified foods

    Are genetically modified foods a legitimate safety hazard? Should government agencies such as the FDA take action to require safety testing? What about warning labels? Do you think warning labels would unfairly stigmatize GMFs and make consumers question their safety? Is this fair to the GMF industry?

    Projected Costs for a Seminar

    Create a spreadsheet to calculate your projected total cost, total revenues, and total profits for giving a seminar on cost estimating. Below are some of your assumptions: - You will charge $600 per person for a two-day class - You estimate that 30 people will register for and attend the class, but you want to change this in