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    Personal Growth & Development: Barriers & Resources

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    1. What are the barriers to personal growth and development?

    2. Where would you look for the resources to support personal growth and development?

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    Before understanding the concept of 'Continuous HR growth', it is necessary to focus on the barriers to personal growth and development. This is because by knowing the barriers effective corrective measures can be taken. So, below are the barriers and resources:

    Personal Growth & Development: Barriers & Resources

    Personal growth and development refers to the self improvement of the personality of an individual. The people who are confident and have recognition power to identify their own inner strength can have greater growth and development. There are so many barriers in the path of the personal growth and development. Some of the barriers of the personal growth and development are given below:

    Disbelief about the talent: The belief of the people that no personal growth is possible without talent and it is the most common barrier in the path of the personal growth. The people who are not talented can also develop their personality if they are confident about their capability to learn.

    Inability to recognize the latent competencies: Some people have a number of personal strengths, but they are not able to recognize ...

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    The response investigated barriers to person growth such as fear and negativity in a discussion format consisting of 700 words with APA-style references.