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    Innate and Learned Factors and Crowded Prison System

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    OTA in regards to innate factors and learned factors. Do innate factors have more of an impact on motivation than learned factors?

    Lets look at the legal system we have in place... we all experience years of teaching and conditioning to adhere to the established societal expectations, yet we still have prisons overflowing with people who result back to the primitive behaviors reinforced through years of conditioning... why the breakdown here?

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    Innate factors have less of an impact upon motivation than do learned factors. The innate factors, including hunger, pain avoidance, sex drive, etc., do motivate us subconsciously. However, as we grow up and pattern ourselves after our parents, peers, and elders, we begin to assume our innate motivational needs will be satisfied as a direct result of satisfying our learned motivations (gainful employment, education, success, money, power, etc.). Whatever we learn over the course of the beginning of life, we start to develop a framework of motivational factors that we realize encompasses basic drives as well. For example, we are motivated to get a higher education because we realize ...

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    The solution how innate and learned factors contribute to motivation and a discussion of the overcrowded prison system as it relates to the subject.