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    innate factors and motivation in human motivation

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    I would like help explaining whether or not innate factors have more of an effect on motivation than learned factors. Why or why not? Why is this an important question in the study of human motivation? Thanks!

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    Yes, innate factors impact motivation!

    Maslow's hierarchy of needs claims that we all have innate needs that motivate us and that when one need is met we "climb" up the hierarchy and the next need becomes the primary motivation for our behavior.

    Here is a reference to read a bit more about the needs:


    So, if you are at the basic level, you are motivated to just get your physical needs met. Like a baby crying for milk. They are motivated to do things that cause milk to arrive -- like crying for Mom. ...

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    This discussion argues that innate factors impact motivation. A reference is given and examples are included to support the argument. The explanation is given in 406 words.