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    Description and significance of Elmira on parole in the United States

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    Define and discuss the history and significance of Elmira and its effect on parole in the United States. Discuss the history and downfall of the Auburn/New York system. What lessons were learned from Elmira? What lessons were learned from Auburn/New York?

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    An overview of both the Elmira and Auburn Systems is provided below:

    Elmira System:
    - Elmira Reformatory opened in Elmira, NY in 1876 and was the first U.S. reformatory.
    - It was based on the principles of the Irish system, indeterminate sentencing, and parole.
    - Elmira Reformatory was geared toward first-time offenders who were between age 16 and 30.
    - Inmates served indeterminate sentences and could earn early release through good behavior.
    - Inmates were required to meet specific goals with regard to education and behavior. Participation in educational programs and vocational training was required.
    - For inmates who ...

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    A description and significance of Elmira on parole in the United States are examined. The lessons learned are provided.