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The Criminal Justice System

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Illustrate the criminal justice system in a graphic and label the key components.

For each component, write about the primary roles in that component, the function and purpose of the component, and the main responsibilities of the component

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Key facets of the criminal justice system are presented. References are also provided to further validate the findings.

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Below is my response to your problem. I always start out with a general background information to provide the framework of of the topic. The description of the components of the criminal justice system will provide you will the general theoretical and informational background in order to complete your assignment. Please message me if you have any further questions. Good luck with your assignment!

General Background Information:

Definition of a Crime:

An act committed or omitted by a person that is an offense against public law, moral law , or public safety and interest which is subsequently punished either by a fine or imprisonment.
A crime is classified by either federal or state law as a misdemeanor or felony.

Relationship to the Law:

What is considered a crime is codified in each state's penal code and in federal statutes.
The punishment and rehabilitation (probation and parole) for such crimes are included in the penal codes and federal statutes.
The legislative body of each state enacts criminal statutes while the U. S. Congress enacts federal criminal statutes.
If an offensive act is not stipulated in the penal code or federal statute, it is not considered a crime.


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Components of the Criminal Justice System and the Criminal Process:

Law Enforcement: The main component that enforces federal and state criminal laws; this component can determine whether to settle a case in the enforcement level by issuing a fine if it is a minor offense or refer the suspect to the criminal justice system;

Prosecution: This component is composed of the United States Attorney's Office for federal offenses and the prosecutor's office for state offenses; these agencies will decide if charges will be filed or if the case will be dropped; if charges will be filed than the case will be referred to the judiciary component; the prosecutors will represent the interest of the people of their state while the U.S. attorneys will represent the interest of the United States in the trial courts;

Judiciary: The judiciary component is the court system. Through the court system, a judge or a ...

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