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    Partial Sentencing in Criminal Justice

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    Does partial treatment in sentencing exist in America's courts? If so, how can it be corrected? What impact does partiality in sentencing have on the correctional facilities?

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    Partial treatment does exist in America's courts. Much of what our criminal justice system is based off of revolves around the ability to use discretion. Life is dynamic and is constantly changing; so are crimes and criminals. Not much in life is black-and-white or plain-and-simple; rather, there exists layers upon layers of details that make things different. In other words, a crime that is committed is rarely committed under the exact same circumstances or with the exact same details. As a result, when a judge sentences a person who has been convicted of committing a crime, he or she (judge) takes many factors into consideration before handing down the sentence. The judge has this "leeway" to take the totality of the circumstances into account before delivering ...

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