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    Plan, draft and revise essays: Big ticket item purchase

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    Details: The deadline for completing your evaluation of a big ticket item/purchase is approaching. Write a rough draft of your essay which includes the following:

    An introduction in which you identify and briefly describe the big ticket item/purchase and the two models, providers, etc you have chosen to compare and contrast in your introduction.

    A body in which you compare and contrast the two models, providers, etc. you have chosen in the body of your draft and based on your comparison.

    A conclusion in which you reflect on which model or provider you would choose to purchase.
    This is a rough draft. APA style is not required.

    Instructor Comments: For this assignment you should have an introduction, body and conclusion. Make sure each element of the assignment is addressed appropriately. You can choose the big ticket items of your choice. Compare and contrast the items you chose for this assignment in the body of the paper. You must have a conclusion.

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    My selection for a big ticket item is that of a Spa or in today's lingo, a hot tub. Hot Tubs are extremely popular in today's environment and are purchased largely by the middle class as a recreational item. Hot tubs are great for entertaining friends and family during backyard barbeque, or even during the cold winter days and nights. The number of features available on Hot tubs makes the cost of the hot tub range dramatically in price. Currently the cost of hot tubs can range from $3000 for a basic hot tub, up to a $15000 hot tub equipped with a stereo and television set.

    In exploring what type of hot tub to purchase, I came across two specific brand names, ...

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