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Business Document Design

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I have pasted the information needed down below. I need guidance so I know how my paper should look. The report type is my choice: informational, analytical, recommendation, justification or closure. Thanks for getting me started!

Business Document Design

In this assignment, you create a business document of your choice. You must turn in the plan and 2 documents: a revised draft and a final document.

Include the following elements in the plan:




Points to make:



Post your plan and attach the two documents described below.

Compose Draft

In a new document, compose the first draft of your business document using the plan you created above. Name this document business document draft.

Revise Draft

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Hi there!

I have ***attached*** a sample business document to give you an idea of how your paper should look.

This document is called a Strategic Work Plan or sometimes just Strategic Plan. Good luck!


PHILOSOPHY: The Assistant Director of Development is responsible for administering, managing and supporting activities related to HMI's Development and Fundraising functions in coordination with the Executive Director, the Associate Executive Director of Development and the Development Committee of the Board of Directors. These activities include but are not limited to the following: events, individual giving, individual donor foundations, bequests and legacies, mailings, communications and campaigns, and data management.

GOAL 1: Individual Giving

GOAL 2: Event Management

GOAL 3: Marketing and Communications

OPERATING PRINCIPALS: The following abilities ensure the achievement of all goals, objectives and outcomes:

• Exceptional administrative, organizational, and time management skills
• Ability to exercise independent judgment when appropriate
• Strong decision-making skills and proven ability to manage complex information and budgets
• Interpersonal communication skills.


GOAL #1: Individual Giving - Hetrick-Martin will implement new and expand existing donor recruitment strategies to raise $xxx over the next 18 months.

OBJECTIVE #1: Implement a comprehensive major donor campaign.

A) Increase Mentors Circle participation by identifying, segmenting, and aggressively recruiting prospects from the existing database.
B) Solicit input from stakeholder groups (specifically, the Board of Directors and Development Committee) as the basis for enhancing Mentors Circle initiatives.
C) Continue to target specific mailings (both paper and electronic) to lapsed Mentors Circle donors and to prospects.
D) Clearly define the difference between Major Donors (multiple gifts over the last 12 months totaling $2,500+, or one single gift of $2,500+ associated with an event) and Mentors Circle (a single gift, not associated with an event, of $2,500+ within the last 12 months).
E) Continue personal follow-up to prospects, lapsed donors, and new donors via phone, email, and hand-written notes.

OBJECTIVE #2: Effectively manage the Donate to Educate campaign.

A) Focus all lower-level giving opportunities towards the Donate to Educate campaign.
B) Increase productivity of the campaign by actively seeking ...

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Business document designs are examined. The elements of the plans are determined.

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