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    Writing a Letter to a Contractor

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    Can you please correct the sentences and please re-write the whole sentences the best you can. Please email it as soon as possible.

    Here is the information:

    1) Contractor required to provide the proposal as per stated in the document. requirement. If not contractor proposal will be rejected.
    2) Contractor required to fill Appendix form A (Pricing form) and Inquiry checklist and return along with proposal.
    3) Appendix A document present a construtable design for X project. The contractor must use this pricing form, or a similar representation of the same information to submit their pricing for the services and materials described in the RFP. Contractor should propose in US funds.

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    According to the document set forth by our agreement, the Contractor is required to provide us with a proposal. If the Contractor does not meet the agreement and fails to ...

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