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    Doing Business with the Government

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    Please help with this work. It is done in three parts. It starts with Part I that is to finding an opportunity offered from the government website (Federal Business Opportunities) (fbo.gov) in a Request for Proposal. Still on part I prepare the INSTRUCTION to BIDDERS) and part I is Completed.

    THE SECOND PART is to develop and complete the RFP chosen from the government's list of opportunities on their fbo website by using these steps starting from 2 until the 6th step as follow:

    1. Instructions to Bidders ( Already Completed in Part I)
    2. Description of Work (Begin Part 2)
    3. Proposal
    4. Specifications and Drawings
    5. Special Conditions
    6. General Conditions and Contract Agreement (Ending part 2)

    Then the THIRD PART is to write a formal written proposal acting as a contractor ( in response to the Request For Proposal that you had chosen in part 1 and developed in 2 when you were acting as the government issuing the proposal).
    Your written proposal must not exceed 18 pages in length and should include the items below.

    ● Cover letter (1 page)
    ● Technical approach (must not exceed 2 pages)
    ● Résumés should be provided for the key staff that you are proposing
    ● Past performance references (3). Each reference must include a point of contact and contact information.
    ● Description of any proposed teaming partners and subcontractors
    ● Your proposal should evidence your capabilities as well as your proposed partners' capabilities.
    ● The format of your entire proposal must use standard margins (1 inch), a typical font (Arial, Courier, Helvetica, Palatino, and Times Roman are all acceptable) with the font size greater than 10 points (e.g., 11-point or 12-point font is acceptable) for all pages.

    Preparing this proposal will involve some "creative writing" on your part unless you currently have your own business and can base it on your firm. Otherwise, you will have to make up information about key staff and past performance references. Therefore, try to choose something about which you have some general knowledge. Even though some information will be imaginary, you should strive in your proposal to to demonstrate an understanding of both correct proposal format and the elements that a contractor would expect to see.

    A complete detail is found on the attachment file.

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    //Government agencies run several kinds of engineering and construction projects which provide opportunities for contractors. For inviting the proposal from the prospective contractors, the government sends a Request for Proposal (RFP). In this context, in the following discussion, we have explored the key specifications of the RPF for a particular contract opportunity related to construction of septic system. Different components of the RFP are explored below under specific headings.//
    Description of Work
    We as the government of the United States have provided an opportunity to the contractors for development of a Septic System on behalf of the Department of Army. The project would be a construction project, which will consist of the activity of the construction the septic system is a construction project which will have some technical features, for instance, this system will be used in all on-site systems virtually and will have specific fundamental design and operational considerations. In this project, construction and installation of the material will require quality control practices. This project will not only have treatment of the waste materials, but will also maintain flow modulation and protection of the downstream components. In addition to this, it will also have recovery of natural resources including bio gas and nutrients.
    As per the scope of the project, there are certain subtasks, which are required to be incorporated:
    Development of Absorption Field System
    Installation of Septic Tank and Distribution Box
    Trench Excavation
    Backfilling the Trenches
    The project would be carried out in ACC- Warren. For the project, it is required that project should be completed within six months and complied with all the requirements for quality controls for construction work. There will be three time evaluation, which can be held after 2 months, 4 months and at the completion of the project.
    Breakdown of Bid Price
    For the bidder, we are announcing the breakdown of the total prices of bidder. Every bidder is required to quote their bid prices in breakdown manner as per the each of the activity in the bidding process. Please fill the table and prices of bid as below:
    (See the table)
    Revisions and Extra Work
    For the revision work due to the negligence of the contractor there will not be extra payment. This work needs to be completed as per the quality standards. For the additional work, there will additional pay to the contractor, which will be paid on regular pay rate. However, for this additional work, there is a need of having written permission from the side of owners of the project.
    Escalation Formulas
    As the project will be carried out on fixed formula basis, the bidder is required to submit Escalation Formulas for the purpose of retrieving current labor and material prices.
    Scheduled Completion Dates
    For the bidder, it is essential to complete the entire project within given timeframe. The total allocated time for the activities is months, which needs to be scheduled accordingly. You need to submit the detailed and projected schedule for the activities.
    List of Subcontractors
    The project work requires the utmost attention from the side of the main contractors. If he wants to have assistance of subcontractors, he may have. However for this, there is need of submitting a clear and detailed list of subcontractors along with their addresses and requirements.
    Key Supplier or Contractor Personnel
    Please provide detailed list of key suppliers or contractors. Please provide detailed list of key supplier in given list. In this context, please fill the template below:
    Length of Time Bid Is Valid
    The Bid from the side of contractor is valid till 3 months after the receiving of application by the Owners of the project.
    List of Bid Document Addenda Reviewed by Bidder
    Please list all the documents that you have viewed before making ...

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