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Revision and Exam techniques. Idea's on how to revise (flow charts, diagrams etc) and techniques and tips for exams.

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How do I revise and prepare for my exam? What are the best and most effective ways to revise and do well in exams?

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Revision & Exam techniques

How to revise
There is no right or wrong way to revise, and no magic formula to follow that will insure success in an exam. Each individual student will have a different method of revising that suits him or her.

There are a few things that can help you revise and a few ideas that may work for you;

First - the basics

 When you revise make sure that you take regular breaks, a good five-minute break every half an hour or so should be fine. This will make you refreshed and able to concentrate better on the material you are reviewing.

 When revising you need to have a good set of notes from which to revise from. Its no good just using your lecture notes to revise from. To gain the best marks use a variety of sources to gain information. It's a good idea to look in journals and books for up-to-date theories and research on a subject.

 Read and re-read your revision notes, the more you over-view your notes the more information will go in!

 Use visual cues as well as written ones, this will make revising more interesting and may help you remember better.

Second - Different methods of revising

There are many different ways in which a student may revise; the following are just a few ideas of how to maximize your revision pattern.

1). Diagrams

Diagrams are always useful when ...

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