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    Steeple Analysis

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    See attached literature to answer the following questions.

    1. How can you use a STEEPLE analysis to determine how an organization can achieve a competitive edge? Provide specific examples.

    2. What are some creative approaches to project analysis? How can you effectively use these as analysis strategies? When would you use these strategies?

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    Step 1
    Steeple analysis is used to determine how the organization can achieve competitive edge. The Steeple gives an overview of the different macroeconomic factors that the company has to take into consideration. It helps the business understand market growth or decline, business position, potential and direction for operations. The S of "STEEPLE" is for social factors, T is for technological factors, E stands for economic factors, E is for environmental factors, P stands for political factors, L stands for legal factors and E stands for ethical factors. Competitive advantage refers to the advantage that a firm has over its competitors, allowing it to generate greater sales or margins and retain more customers than its competition. Let us consider an example; one of the factors in ...

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    This posting gives you a step-by-step explanation of analyzing company operations for gaining competitive advantage. The response also contains the sources used.