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    Free Car

    You run an orphanage and have had a hard time making ends meet. A car dealership offers you a new van worth $15,000 for free if you will falsely report to the government that the dealership donated a van worth $30,000. You really need the van and it will give you an opportunity to make the children happy. Do you agree to take th

    Environmental Scanning

    Provide an appropriate application in the workplace for two of the three following thinking strategies: 1)Scanning: The constant search for information that impacts the current and future assumptions of the organization. 2)Multivariate thinking: The ability to balance many dynamic variables simultaneously and discern rel

    Press conferences during the last presidential campaign

    I heard a story about some professional actors who were planted in press conferences during the last presidential campaign to pose questions to President Bush that were "staged" so that he had a prepared response. I do not know any other facts about this. Have any of you heard anything more on this? If so, what do you

    Wisdom versus Experience Argument

    A wise man once said: Experience is that which you learn from your own mistakes, while wisdom is learned from the mistakes of others. Why is there so little wisdom and so much experience?

    Management consulting firm of Kirk, Spock, and McCoy: first day problems

    You just started a summer internship with the successful management consulting firm of Kirk, Spock, and McCoy. Your first day on the job was a busy one, as the following problems were presented to you. Required: Supply the requested comments in each of the following independent situations. 1. FastQ Company, a specialist

    National Hockey League: Issues affected in the lockout of 2004-2005.

    The National Hockey League locked out its players in a year-long battle between the union and the owners. There were monetary issues as well as non-monetary issues that affected the lockout. The Hockey Lockout of 2004-2005. What were the rule changes and the non-wage issues? Was the lockout ultimately good for the game? W

    Question about Heuristics

    Heuristics are generally identified as "rules of thumb" that we use when making decisions. We evaluate information we already know, events we've already experienced, and actions we've already taken, to help us make quick and efficient decisions. In the heuristic process we make assumptions based on what we know, what we've done

    The Impact an Election Candidate Will Have On Business.

    Which presidential candidate will be best for corporate America. In other words which candidate poses the greater (and lesser) risk to businesses. Im trying to write a paper on the presential elections and need some clarification. Thanks

    Strategic Management and Risk Management/Assessment Paper - MBA 502

    If you need help with your Strategic Management and Risk Management/Assessment Paper, this one should give you some great perspectives. This assignment typically appears in week 5 in MBA 502 - Managing the business enterprise. Some of the info contained in my solution... - Problem Statement - Relevant facts and circumsta

    Waiting Line Quesiton

    The Grand Movie Theater has one box office clerk. On average, each customer that comes to see a movie can be sold its ticket at the rate of 6 per minute. For the theater's normal offerings of older movies, customers arrive at the rate of 3 per minute. Assume arrivals follow the Poisson distribution and service times follow the e

    Fine Tune Your Personal Perspective Paper

    Typically completed in or near week 1 in MBA 500, Problem Based Learning, this solution should help you fine-tune your own Personal Perspective Paper. Items included: - coverage of the value of the resource page - discussion of the value of Learning Teams - discussion of the value of Problem-Based Learning - info on wha

    Critical thinking

    Provide examples and applications for the following common elements of Critical Thinking: 1) perception 2) assumption 3) argument 4) fallacy

    Reward Systems

    How effective are the reward systems in the firm to which you are most closely aligned? Does the firm utilize policies that in your view "empower" the organization? Explain your answer.

    Identify a great manager

    1. Identify a great manager, either in your own organization, or one with which you are familiar, or have read about. What makes this person stand out from other managers? 2. Name a great organization (you can use your own place of work if you want). How do you think management contributes to making it great?

    Analyze a job description. Have Americans reprioritized values after Sept 11?

    #1 Select a job and provide a detailed description of the activities to be performed in the job. Next, specify the biographical characteristics a team member needs to have to perform the job effectively. Finally, specify the abilities required to perform the job. #2 Write a synopsis for the online discussion on: Do you

    Calculate process capability index for metal fabricator connecting rods

    A metal fabricator produces connecting rods with an outer diameter that has a 1 ± .01 inch specification. A machine operator takes several sample measurements over time and determines the sample mean outer diameter to be 1.002 inches with a standard deviation of .003 inch. a. Calculate the process capability index for this exa

    Employee Training: Needs Assessment, Delivery Methods and Evaluation

    1. Needs assessment: What types of issues might indicate a need for training? From what sources would these issues be identified? If you were a training manager, how would you prioritize training needs from these sources? a. A supervisor requests training on the specialized technology required by five of his employees. b. Th

    Intersect Investment Services - Problem Solution

    Using the Problem Solution Template, develop a response in which you propose a solution to help Intersect develop a change management plan. The solution needs to focus on leadership and change management concepts. You will have a clear understanding of where to take your own paper after reviewing this solution.

    Provide analysis and be persuasive to overcome possible types of heuristics

    Your firm is hiring a new marketing manager. You and one of the other senior managers have been interviewing candidates. A candidate just completed the interview process and has the following skills, background and characteristics: Hispanic Woman Masters Degree in Marketing Extensive and positive references Worked i