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    Specific call center serivce goals

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    Setting Service Goals
    Conduct a research on the following three types of call centers:

    a. Technical support

    b. Catalog sales

    c. Emergency response

    Prepare a 700+ word paper discussing the different qualitative and quantitative service goals for each type of call center. Also, explain what factors affects each of these service goals.

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    How organizations including call centers determine and calculate their respective effectiveness is with qualitative and quantitative measurement of service goals. Naturally, depending on the type of service in which the respective business is involved determines the type of measure along with the associated factors that are important to evaluating the organizations effectiveness. What is important however is the selection of the correct measurement to determine whether or not the organization is meeting its respective goals and objectives.

    Technical call centers have a number of factors that are available to be utilized to determine their respective effectiveness. First and foremost technical centers want to ensure that they are meeting their customers needs in a helpful and friendly way. This particular measurement comes in the form of a qualitative analysis of the interaction between the technical call center and the individual customer. For instance, the technical call center may not ...

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    The service goals of specific call centers are analyzed. The call centers are technical support, catalog sales, and emergency response.