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    Critique of Three Strategic Plans

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    Read, evaluate, critique, and make recommendations on the Strategic Plans:

    Critique 1- Google Yahoo
    Critique 2 - Data On Call
    Critique 3 - Wonderland Day Care

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    Critique 1- Google Yahoo

    First, Google and YouTube are already in the number one position in online video. The chief long term objective should be to monetize their venture.

    Secondly the values statement is off-target from the definition of what organizational values are. These should be organizational values that support the strategic venture, rather than a statement of the joint marketing venture and how wonderful it is!

    Third, this plan lacks a vision statement and its mission statement does not state the purpose of the plan clearly. The mission statement provided should actually be the vision statement and the writer of this plan should write a clear mission statement.

    Next the correct Grand strategy for this plan would be a ...

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    This is a critique of Strategic Plans for Wonderland Day Care Center, Data On Call (an internet faxing service), Google and Yahoo.