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Management in Information Technology Change

1. What are 10 factors that are the key to solving a data management problem successfully?

2. How can being resourceful in the use of IT help other companies gain a competitive advantage?

3. What circumstances can resourceful use of IT hinder progress in an organization?

4. Describe Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT/CC) and the Computer Security Division of NIST. What role do they have in developing a better information system security?

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//Before writing about the rationale of being resourceful in the use of IT helps other companies, gain a competitive advantage, it is essential to have knowledge about the 10 factors that are the key to solve a 'Data Management Problem', successfully.//

Management in Information Technology Change

Answer 1.

Data management is defined as a wide area of study. It is a process required for handling the data which is an important resource for the organization and business. As stated by Data Management Association (DAMA), data management is a procedure which helps in planning data architecture, its systems and processes on a continuous basis. There are various problems occurring these days related to the data management like saving the page, finding, categorizing, etc. The ten factors which are essential for rectifying these data management problem successfully are as follows:

Data Warehousing: It is an important tool which is designed to help reporting and analysis. Various retail organizations use 'data warehousing' to record each client's on-going transaction dealing with the purchasing pattern of the customers, change in the price of the product, customer preferences and various other phenomena's which are used to increase or decrease the costs related to the business.

Another approach can be that every single application or software builds its own back-up for the data;

Regular back-ups of the data are needed to be done or some software of recovery of data files should be used;

Retention of the data that is how long ...

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