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    Capacity, Constraints and Lean

    Rx's R Us is a mail order dealer of homeopathic medications. It has 6 phone lines for receiving orders. Order takers answer the phones, check that inventory is available, and then prepare "picking tickets" for the warehouse stock pickers. One order may consist of several lines, with a different medication or multiples of medicat

    Understanding business planning

    Smith's Tile & Granite Flooring Company: we install all forms of flooring and work with construction companies in rehabs. The company focuses on working from referrals in the Tri State Area. Most referrals come from builders, Lowes Home Improvements and other home owners. Services include flooring of all types on new constructio

    Motivators, Power and Influence

    1. Motivators Motivators can either be positive (as in using a rewards system) or it can be negative (as in the fear of disciplinary action or being fired). Think back on your experience and write about an example of each you were subjected to. (We're not talking about things you might have observed; what we want to hear

    Research into a Country for Business Expansion

    Select a country that starts with the same letter as the first letter of your last name. As manager of your organization's global operations, you are responsible to research the challenges and opportunities of staffing and managing a diverse workforce in your new location (i.e., a country of your choice other than the U.S.). Pl

    Equality And Equity In Business: Gender, Discrimination

    What policy do you think would promote equality in our business? How do you diagnose what is wrong with contemporary anti-discrimination policies? How do we avoid the side effect of reverse discrimination? Can the inequity between the genders be considered as a universal, and national, case of sexual harassment? How do we pr

    Critical Thinking Pro/Con Debate

    Please help! I need facts and definitions on pro's and con's on Child Protective Services have authority on how parents discipline their children? Please source any inside quotes and refrences APA style for any facts and definitions. Question: Should the Child Protective Services have authority on how parents discipline thei

    Wal-Mart: Public Relations

    Evaluate your current company. How does the company break down their current publics? What are the key messages that your organization want to present to these publics? Are the primary? Secondary? Who are the opponents and uncommitted that need to be reached...or at least neutralized?

    Tools and Techniques for Evaluating a Decision

    What tools and techniques should be used for evaluating a decision? What processes should managers follow to insure that decisions are producing the intended results? What standards would you set for evaluating the outcomes of a decision? How do these tools and techniques equate to increased organizational effectiveness?

    Control Mechanisms

    This solution provides the learner with an enhanced understanding of the various management control mechanisms available in order to operate a business. In particular, this solution utilizes the Starbucks coffee chain as an example.

    Questionaire/Survey Design

    This solution provides the learner with an understanding of the process / procedures of developing questionaire and surveys.

    Control mechanisms in automotive industry

    How would you include these control mechanisms like System Control, Bureaucratic Control, Market Control, and Clan control in the automotive industry. The automobile industry in the US has experienced dynamic changes since the start of the Bush administration. The development of the automobile industry can be divided into di

    Economic development incentives

    What incentives, if any, are afforded economic development investors, in city or county government. Why are incentives commonly used for development?

    Maslow's Theory: Two other levels

    You may be interested to know that originally, Maslow had two extra levels in his hierarchy - a need for aesthetics and a need for knowledge. I would like to call on your professional analysis in research on the presumed two extra levels. As is discussed above. 1) Please validate this ideology as fact or fiction. 2) If

    Time Series

    Consider the airline ticket data in the attached file. a. Create a time series chart of the data. Based on what you see, which of the exponential smoothing models do you think should be used for forecasting? why? b. Use simple exponential smoothing to forecast these data, using no holdout period and requesting 12 months of f

    Business survey... Collecting opinion on research.

    In your own words please answer the following briefly. What are some of the differences between primary and secondary data? What are some disadvantages of using newspaper articles or magazine articles as secondary sources? Do you think the the statistics presented on the evening news are valid? Why should you

    Planning a Digital Theft Investigation

    Assume that you feel that your (or your boss's) email content was always leaked (e.g., some confidential information in your email was known to many others). You decide to carry out an investigation. Write a plan for this investigation. The plan should include: digital evidence source identification, recovery, collection, docume

    Sales Force & Market Research

    1) How can an organization determine if its sales force is the right size? 2) What research methods can be used to determine potential sales? 3) What are the benefits of external versus internal market research?

    Criminological Theory

    Application of Criminological Theory - You are the vice principal in charge of discipline at a prestigious school. An eighth-grade teacher has a problem with one of the students. He is extremely active and it is difficult for him to quiet him down. The student comes from a disadvantaged socioeconomic background and the pr

    Calculating equivalent units and assigning costs

    Inc had 800 units of product in its work in progress inventory at the beginning of the period. During the period 3,000 additional units of product were started. At the end of the period there were 1,500 units of product in work in process account. The ending work in process inventory was estimated to be 30% complete. The beginni


    What film have you seen that addresses evolution in any way. Please give me the title of the film and your critique related to how accurate the science was/is in the film. For example, Master and Commander: (The far side of the world) with Russell Crowe shows the ship sailing near and stopping at the Galapagos Island. If you

    Product Development: Example Problem

    In your opinion what key trends in law, politics and technology will have significant impacts on product development in the next few years? What products do you think could become obsolete in the future?