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    Team Work: Academic Environment

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    DQ #1
    Can you believe everything you see on the evening news or read in you local newspaper? Why or why not?

    DQ #2
    You have the opportunity to work in a team in an academic environment. what have been the best practices of a team, and what are some areas of improvement?

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    The response address the queries posted in 901 words with references.
    //As per the directions, we will write about the Newspapers and Electronic media that provide the necessary news to the people. It will assist in understanding the importance of the information provided by the means of communication.//


    Newspapers and Electronic Media are the means, which make people aware about the happenings in the current environment. The society in which we live is highly influenced by the information and communication provided by these sources of media and they decide what is right or wrong. The daily activities of people like work, amusement, educational activities, personal relations, traveling, etc. are also influenced by the information of these media sources (Rayuso, 2007).

    Views of different people are not similar regarding the news provided by media. It depends on the personal experience of the people and the means of media. Media influence refers to the ways people behave and react towards the news published or telecasted. In our day-to-day lives, we depend upon the media to get the facts and current news about what is crucial and what we should be attentive towards. The mass media influence kids, teenagers and society in such a big way that it forces them to know its reality (Rayuso, 2007).

    In general people do not believe all the things published or telecasted on media. This is because many of these news articles and journals are fact while others have some rumors and ...

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    The response address the queries posted in 901 words with references.