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    Compare and Contrast Crime and Terrorism

    Please help so I can complete the following: Locate an example of a terrorist organization from the Foreign Terrorist Organization List BELOW. http://www.state.gov/s/ct/rls/fs/2002/12535.htm Research your chosen terrorist organization further, using reputable sources from the Internet. Include APA formatted citations

    Second Language in American Managers

    How important is it for an American manager native English speaker to learn a second language? Should all managers whose native tongue is English be asked to learn another language as companies globalize?

    Organization Structure simulation

    Run the Organization Structure simulation. Please help so I can develop a 1700-2100 word paper in which I discuss at least five structures in Organization Design and Organization Design Choices. The paper should include the following: a. Explanation of the importance of organizational design choices. b. Describe the chara

    Rationale of Reimbursements

    I need help/assistance with the following assignment. Rationale of Reimbursements Systems Paper: Select one of the four health care payment systems (cost based, prospective payment, managed care based, or single payer. This system is what you will also discuss in Week 3 and Week 6.) Perform a literature search to find a pr

    Comparing Power and Politics

    What are the differences and similarities between power and politics? Are power and politics always associated with each other or are they mutually exclusive? What are ethical issues associated with use and abuse of organizational power and politics? Please provide your own input not just a list of references. Thank you

    Queuing Process in Your Work Environment or Community

    PD 14-1 a) Describe a queuing process in your work environment or community. b) Identify the model (M/M/1, M/M/m, M,D,1 etc.) used. c) Calculate its operating characteristics (see p-577 or p-583, as appropriate): ? Average number in the system, L ? Average time in the system, W ? Average number in the queue, Lq. ? Ave

    Improving Self Expression

    I have always had trouble expressing myself, whether it be verbally or in writing. What are good ways to help with this?

    Affirmative action policies and steps

    I need to tell a company's board of directors that affirmative action policies be implemented. Include bullet points supporting the recommendation and clearly address points that may be used against this recommendation. I should also address how affirmative action policy will relate to compliance with equal employment opportun

    Critical Thinking-Pareto Charts

    1. What is a brief introduction (less than 100 wds) of Pareto Charts? 2. What are the PRO'S of pareto charts? 3. What are the CON'S of pareto charts?

    Teaching Postion: Job Opportunties Map

    Create a diagram that maps job opportunities for a teaching position. What training is needed to move on according to the map? What is the role of incentives in the organization and mentoring in the development of talent pools?

    Role of the United States Constitution in business.

    Please describe the role of the United States Constitution and the United States legal system in business regulation. In addition can you find and discuss a recent news article, or an example from your workplace, which demonstrates how a Constitutional right affects a business and how the legal system is used with respect to rec

    Individual idiosyncrasies techniques

    You will have many different instructors as you progress through your degree program. What are some techniques that you can use to overcome instructor idiosyncrasies?

    Virtual learning team: challenges

    What are the challenges associated with being in a virtual learning team? How can you respond to these challenges? Hint: Focus on the six "Tips for Students" on p.6 in the Online Learning Team Handbook.

    Public Policy Research

    Please help so I can complete the following assignment: Project Policy Research (policy = adjunct faculty policy in california community colleges) Conduct research on the public policy issue that you identified in your Project Proposal. Then write about the following: a. Explain how you went about researching the public po

    Effects of War

    I would like to use your opinion on how you feel about the effects of war has on soldiers, civilians and family members.


    Do you believe that it's possible to take a seemingly negative trait such as procrastination and use it for your benefit?

    Wellness Programs

    I am looking for organizations that were/are recognized for their wellness programs (what the various programs are).

    Describe some common problems affecting performance appraisals.

    Objective of activity Describe some common problems affecting performance appraisals. Description of activity Scenario #1: Aggra is a production worker in an electronics manufacturing plant. She has been with the company for five years, and has consistently received good performance reviews. Her current performance lev