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    Rationalization of our actions

    Consider a situation in which we might rationalize or justify our behavior, letting go unmarried employees before married employees in a job redundancy scheme, and offer a rationalization for this action. Then consider and describe a justification for the letting go employees on the basis of job seniority. How, in terms of app

    Solving Strategic Cost Management Problems

    Solve Problems 1 and 2 with full formula explanation, explain into detail all words. Every formula used need to be quoted this will help me to understand better when studying for my exam. #2 Alternate Questions 1. Blader Co. manufactures a variety of electric razors used by both men and women. The company's plant is par

    Set up a problem related to an army work environment

    Set up a problem related to your work environment to calculate the probability(ies) of an event happening. Then use Bayes' Theorem to revise the probability. Show all your work. Work environment: logistic's NCO for Army (S-4/supply) Environment can be planning for upcoming field training exercise.

    Simple Regression Analyses

    Using the attached Excel file as your processing tool, work through three simple regression analyses. Please refer to the attached data files for these analyses. 1. First run a regression analysis using the BENEFITS column of all data points in the AIU data set as the independent variable and the INTRINSIC job satisfaction c

    Managing Sexual Harassment and Preference

    Sexual Harassment Company XYZ is located in West Hollywood. Many gay employees at XYZ are "exuberant" (and often explicit) in discussing their sex lives. One of the professional staff (male) is "offended" by the behavior and complains. West Hollywood has a law against discrimination based on sexual preference.

    Salary Data

    The Excel file Salary Data.xls provides information on current salary, beginning salary, previous experience (in months) when hired, and total years of education for a sample of 100 employees in a firm. a. Develop a multiple regression model for predicting current salary as a function of the other variables. b. Find the best m

    Management: Planning for the Future

    1. Managers have to plan for the future. Assume your firm is a small to midsize not-for-profit organization and that you rely on the percent of sales method of forecasting. What, if any, are the shortcomings of this forecasting technique? 2. Why would a cash budget be of particular importance to a firm that experiences seaso

    Organization Design Problems

    ARAMARK Corporation, a global provider of managed services, is organized by product line, including campus dining, business dining, uniform rentals, corrections (feeding prisoners), and sports and recreation (managing concessions at various sports arenas). What are some likely organization design problems that Joe Neubauer, ARAM

    Business Training & Development

    I have two questions that have me puzzled, they are; 1. In an open system model which of the following statements is not true? a. Open systems have a dynamic relationship with their environment. b. In an open system there are no barriers restricting the flow from the external environment. c. The system is open to influence

    Explain why integrity is important to maintain regardless of the field/business

    Details: Explain why integrity is important to maintain regardless of the field/business. How does integrity apply to whistle-blowing? Using a minimum of two credible sources, thoroughly discuss integrity and whistle-blowing. Relate these concepts by using critical thinking and provide a thorough discussion with examples,

    Rating Components of Attitude

    What is attitude? What are the components of attitude and how do rate your own 'attitude' in each of these components?

    Design a job structure for Total Toys distribution center.

    Please help me so that I can complete the following: Design a job structure for Total Toys distribution center (fictional company). Look at the work that needs to be done in a distribution center. Consider that most of Total Toys clients are large commercial stores like Macy's. However, the distribution center is also res

    SAS-85 Management Representations Letter

    SAS 85 requires that auditors obtain a Management Representation letter on matters of audit importance. Discuss the make-up of this letter and the information contained within. Does the letter provide comfort to the auditor? If this is simply a letter stating certain information from the client and is not audited in any way, why

    Data Analysis - Home Ownership

    Choose a simple random sample of 10 states from the worksheet Home Ownership Rates.xls. Use the attach sample Doc1 to find a 95% confidence interval for the difference in the proportion from 1990 to 2003 (note that you have paired samples!).

    Economics supply, demand and scarcity.

    #1 If the price of a product or service goes down, the demand will go up. Or, if the price goes up, the demand will go down. How does the law of demand relate to the price and demand for gasoline in the United States? Does this law accurately reflect reality? Use current research, personal experiences, and economic conce

    Management Dealing with Counterproductive Behavior

    Describe methods management deals with counterproductive behavior. What stresses are you under and how does that affect your work and personal life? Are all of these stresses due to your job? What corrective actions would you take to relieve this stress?

    Governance Failure: Insufficient Prevention Methods

    Some say that corporate governance failures are the result of human greed and that they will occur anytime there is too much money on the table. Others say that the governance failure occurs because there are insufficient preventive, detective and corrective processes in place. What argument or evidence can you present to demons

    Six positions are categorized into several different levels of evaluation

    Six positions are categorized into several different levels of evaluation... The Store Manager and Department Manager would fall in the management level. The front line customer service level would consist of the Cashier and Bagger. The Stock Person would be labeled as the back-end worker. Lastly, at the mid-level employee posit

    Describing a Bayes Theorem Application

    Bayes theorem is very important, since it forms the basis of much of our thinking in conditional probability and making "predictions" statistically based on historical data. In plain English, describe an application of Bayes theorem that you think will help explain it to other students.

    Strategies and Objectives

    Hello I need to come up with some strategies and objectives for this statement: Provide current and accurate information on personal and community health issues.

    Process to Convert Fractions to Decimals

    Explain the process that you would use to convert fractions to decimals, fractions to percents, and decimal to percents. Why is it important for the modern business person to be able to accomplish these operations correctly?