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Autobiographies, ghost writers and credibility issues

Can some one guide me on the following issues about language in qualitative research?

1) How do conversation analysts suggest that everyday talk is both indexical and reflexive?

2) how does the 'ghost-writing' of celebrity autobiographies might affect their credibility as a source of data?

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Indexicals are parts of conversation whose meanings are dependent on the context in which they are spoken. Two people can say the same thing and it will mean different things. Children often speak in indexical language with each other when they are vying for a treat, a game, a leadership position. "I am the best person for the job," uttered by Hillary Clinton and Barak O'bama mean the same thing to each, but different things in the context of the language. The use of "I" and "you" are both indicators of such language use.

Reflexive language is more like addressing the problems in speech or reframing it. When one comments on ...

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A discussion answering questions about autobiographies, use of ghost writers, and issues of credibility in the genre.