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    How does critical thinking have an impact on your life?

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    How does critical thinking have an impact on your life? Does it have a positive or negative effect on your life?

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    Lets first look at a definition of critical thinking. Critical thinking is a mental process where you analyze and evaluate situations. You look at all aspects of a situation, things that are tangible, intangible, you try to examine the situation from all aspects, different perspectives... The goal is try to come up with a conclusion to your situation, what changes need to be made, you try to see how the situation can be improved, what alternatives are possible, and finally to assess what actions you can take.

    Critical thinking should be looked at in a scientific way, since you are essentially trying to take into account all facts, all necessary information in order to come up with a well-justified solution. Therefore, it often takes time and energy to think critically in all situations.

    Usually in every day small decisions that a person makes, they usually do not employ critical thinking. If you are trying to decide between vanilla or chocolate ice ...

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    The solution determines how critical thinking has an impact on your life.