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Shelter for Homeless Women and Their Children

You are a human services worker at a shelter for homeless women and their children. The goals of the shelter are to (1) provide food and shelter on a temporary basis to women and their children, and (2) assist mothers in finding permanent shelter, employment, and child care. You are assigned to work with a single, depressed mother with a preschooler and a grade school-aged child.

Which theoretical approach would you take in each situation? Explain your answer.

How would your clients or consumers be affected by your preferred theoretica lapproach? Is there a better theoretical approach for each situation?

What social policies are likely to affect the implementation of your preferred theoretical approach? If you could, what would you do to influence the policy makers so that the social policies would be in the best interest of your clients?For examples of social policies, you may find it helpful to research the National Association of Social Workers

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// Before discussing about the requirements of the paper in detail, we have to first understand the situation given and some basic outlines which will help us to clearly understand the paper. So, this has been discussed under the heading of Introduction, for example: \


The fastest growing subgroup of the homeless population constitutes the female headed families. This problem arises because of the factors such as, the husbands running out on them without telling anything, death of their husbands, life partner's suffering from acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS) or domestic violence. Rehabilitating such families is a major challenge before the society. The women with their children on the street face abundant physical and sexual abuses. In order to improve such conditions, the social work groups come ahead and take concrete steps to empower women and make them live their life with self-respect and help them build the life of their children as well(First Flight, 2007).

//After discussing about the introductory part of the paper, the next section will discuss about the theoretical approach that I will use for the situation given in the question. ...

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