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Behavorial Program Presentation Plan

We Care Shelter provides shelter and various services to help homeless parents with children. Many of the children have exhibited extreme behavior problems, including hitting, biting and destruction of property. The shelter understands that the children are likely to be upset by the homeless situation, but is seeking hope in ensuring the safety of others in the shelter

How can I develop a program for this and put it in a power point slide. I was thinking that the behavioral program would be based on behavioral techniques that would include the parent also. And then implement a ongoing training that would incorporate staff so that as more come into the shelter, they would be prepared in the future if the behaviors present themselves again. I just have no idea of how to set it up in powerpoint format.

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I like your idea of the behavioral program based on behavioral techniques such as time outs that are consistent not matter where the child lives. I also like your idea of incorporating the staff into this behavioral program as well as training the future staff. These are good ...

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