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    Homeless Youth

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    "In the United States, an estimated 1.35 million from 600 thousand families will experience homelessness today, while 3.8 million more will live in precarious housing situations. Put another way, of every 200 children in America, 3 will be homeless today and more than double that number will be at risk for homelessness"(National Coalition for the Homeless, 2009). Homelessness impacts youths and their families in many ways. Watch the video, Hard Times Generation: Homeless Kids, and critically analyze the information presented about homelessness in America. How is it impacting students? What are your thoughts on how we can support these youth and their families? How does homelessness impact schools? Are you aware of any changes in your local area regarding homelessness?

    Next, examine the program offered by Monarch Schools (http://www.monarchschools.org/). Analyze their programs, the policies and their partnerships. Watch their latest video. What is it about this program that makes it so successful? Could a program like this be duplicated nationwide? Why or why not?

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    Homelessness in America is greatly impacting children because of the current economic conditions many children live in shelters while some live on the streets with their families. This greatly impacts their ability to succeed in school because of the traumatic experience of being homeless along with a lack of necessities to be able to concentrate and focus on studying such as food, transportation, and access to tutoring. Homeless kids need support from the state and federal governments as well as from local school districts where children live. Often it can be problematic for homeless children ...

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    How the homelessness in youth impacts schools is determined.