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Youth Perceptions of Police as Caregivers

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Analyzing and evaluating the author's use of literature, determine if the literature is used to introduce a problem or a theory, or to direct readers to the research questions and hypotheses.

McGrath, L., & Pistrang, N. (2007). Policeman or friend? Dilemmas in working with homeless young people in the United Kingdom. Journal of Social Issues, 63(3), 589-606. doi 10.1111/j.1540-4560.2007.00525.x.


The theories and approaches discussed within this article include:

Strength-based approach

Attachment Theory

Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis, IPA

Grounded Theory

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A look at how homeless youth perceive the police as caregivers. Youth felt that those who seemed to take a personal interest in them better caregivers.

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The assignment calls for determining whether the article presents a problem or theory, or if it directs readers to research questions and hypotheses. It also asks to assess theories within the article and to evaluate the use of this literature. I will be showing you some of the presenting theories and approaches with regard to general descriptions that you can then apply to the article.

The issue approached in this article is the relationship between the homeless young people and the police ...

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