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Trends in Policing: Youth Crime

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Application of the Public Health Model

? Read the following: Police have been responding to numerous noise, reckless driving and fight complaints in a commercial area. This area contains a number of restaurants, bars, and several strip malls that attract juveniles and young adults. Within the past week, there have also been three gang-related shootings and seven gas drive-offs.

A majority of the young adults are attracted to the area by a dance club located in one of the strip mall centers and two all-night fast food restaurants. All three locations attract large groups that loiter, drink alcohol, and use drugs in the parking lots. The owners of the shopping centers also complain about thousands of dollars in vandalism and property crime by the loitering youth.

? Prepare a 10- to 15-slide presentation that uses a public health approach to design a strategy for dealing with the scenario above.

? Write a 1,750- to 2,850-word paper to go with the slide presentation on the above scenario.

? Format your paper according to APA standards.

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Trends in Policing: Approaches to Combat Youth Crime

The area detailed is popular because of the entertainment and leisure activity provided to the public - two all night restaurants, strip malls and a dance club. The issues in relation to peace, order and criminality then stem from the possibilities in relation to the effects of alcohol, social activities, teen pressure and other such factors. The deviance exhibited and reported however presents a particular pattern - said activities happen in that particular area at certain periods of the day (for example - vandalism - at night or when opportunities to do so are provided, fights and shootings between gangs of youth to settle conflict that either happened in the mall, the dance club or the all night restaurant, etc.). Following a health and safety perspective, we can focus on the locations to establish two approaches that can combat or prevent such activities. I propose the following:

1. Establishment of Anti-Graffiti and Safer Neighborhood Task Force - by legitimizing the criminal issue in said ...

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The solution looks at current trends in policing youth crime based on a simulated situational issue and neighborhood youth crime situation. The application of the public health model in the solution brings about suggestions and varied approaches towards combating youth crime and negating its effects to the community from a law enforcement viewpoint. Attached are word versions of the solution and a sample Slideshow presentation incorporating the information on the solution. References are listed.