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    Police, Courts, and Prisons

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    You are the captain in the police department's special response unit. You unit normally handles many special projects for the chief of police, from providing officers for parades and demonstrations to targeting an area in which there is serious ongoing crime problems. Your chief, who insists on using the Community Policing and Problem Solving method to address crime issues, has advised you that there is a street racing and underage drinking problem that has been reported in the Westwood community by the community association. You task is to find a way to solve these problems using the COPPS philosophy and provide a formal written report directly to the Chief of Police as to how you plan on addressing the problem. This assignment should use the Scanning, Analysis, Response, and Assessment (the SARA method) format for the report.

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    STEP 1
    Street racing problem:
    Community policing and Problem solving means forming partnerships, problem solving and change management.
    Scanning: There is a need to identify the types of persons who indulge in street racing, the results of streets racing and developing the goals. Police records show that street racing is undertaken as a socializing activity that can have fatal consequences.
    There is a belief among the street racers that racing will not hurt any one nor is street racing despicable. There is a need for racing but it is disastrous to do so on the streets.
    There is a need to search for solutions that would lead to a reduction in street racing; what has empirically been found is that imposing fines does ...

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