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role of correction officers

Are the lives of prison inmates reflective of the society at large?

Locate articles on this topic. In your groups, compare the lifestyles of women and men in correctional institutions to life outside the prison walls. Address the roles of correction officers in the prison "society," the growth of litigation concerning prison rights, and the types of offenders that influence life behind bars.

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There are two ways you can address this:

1) you can draw parallels between the prison inmates and the rest of the society.

*what i mean by this: Obviously there is a huge difference between prisoners and the rest of society. However, it is almost a sub-society within out larger society and thus, much like any neighborhood, college campus, or even a hospital, it reflects our larger society. So therefore the powerful will still be on top, and the weak will still need protection. However the power structure maybe different, whereas outside money may make you more powerful, or in a hospital your skills might make you powerful, on a college campus intelligence might do that, in a prison i suspect braun/ physical strength would make you more powerful. So you could discuss the power structure w/in the prison and outside, and how the powerful either get away with anything or are forced to respect the rights of the weaker elements of society.
Additionally you could draw parallels between family, in a suburban family thats mom dad kids and pet. In the urban setting that could be one's friends, whats "family" in ...

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The various roles of correction officers are noted.