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    Organization Turnaround

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    Turning a failing organization around is one of the most interesting activities in management. When organizations see themselves in that downward spiral, their managers may feel that they are unable to stop the pace of negative change. That worry and that downward momentum can be very powerful. At the same time, it sometimes takes only a key impetus to deflect that movement and turn things around.

    Picture yourself as a new manager hired into a failing division in a company. The product line is outdated and losing market share, inter-departmental communication is adversarial, and competition for corporate funding is fierce. How are you, a new person, going to turn things around? Consider the following example, Symphonic Cooperation, from another "industry" below. The following article is an example of how one person, working in a very different type of workplace, turned around a company by making changes in its structure. Some of what was done may be food for thought in your very different work environment. As your first job as the new manager at the outdated, adversarial company, write a plan for changing its organizational structure, incorporating the following elements:

    Your vision of the new organizational structure for your division including how you would realign individuals, tasks, processes and functions.
    Steps to manage the transition from the old organizational structure to the new.
    New policies that you would implement that should begin right away to facilitate the change to the new organizational structure.

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    //The given discussion is about the process of organization turnaround. In the first section of the discussion, the problems for the existing business are discussed. To have a good access of these problems, the reader can suggest effective ways to make improvement in the business process of the company. In this concern, the first part of the discussion is including the concept of organization turnaround.//

    Organization Turnaround

    The existing situation suggests that the division is putting up a dismal performance. It will be very important to analyze the functioning of this division in a comprehensive manner. This will help to determine the latent problems existing within the structure and the potential obstacles capable of blocking its progress. Hence, the primary task in this regard will be to assess the strengths and weaknesses of the division. In fact, my vision will be to develop this division to a level where it becomes a benchmark for the other ones. Among the actions taken for modifying the divisional structure, reduction in the hierarchical levels, flexible processes and focus on goal-achievement will be prominent. (Ramaswamy & Namakumari, 2002)

    Prior to executing the framework for a new plan, it will be essential to have an interaction with the people working in the division. This will assist in determining their current motivation levels and their willingness to participate in this restructuring process.

    In order to make the optimum utilization of the experience of the employees, I will try to boost up ...

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