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    How to Motivate Employees to Comply with Safety Procedures

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    You are the HR person for Midwest Aviation, a company that provides private charter flights and maintenance services for private planes. The safety guidelines and regulations require that pilots and maintenance people wear belts, harnasses, and other safety gear when performing their jobs in and around the airplanes. You know - from first hand experience as well as what others have told you - that most times they don't wear the safety gear. "It gets in the way," is the reason given. "We've been doing it this way for years and nobody's been hurt yet," they say.

    Short of threatening to fire people, what are some ways I could motivate them to follow the safety procedures?

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    Dear Student,

    One positive way is to provide additional perks/incentive for wearing safety gear and following other safety procedures. In my experience as a Senior professional, many people will be ...

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    The solution offers two positive and one negative suggestion about how to motivate employees to follow safety procedures.