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    Case Study on Enron

    Attached the case study which is on Enron and the writing assignment is on page 97 in the attached file where it shows Writing Assignment. So I need to write a strategy memo to Mr. Berardino ( details p97) as well as a professional business letter for his signature. Thanks,

    Bathtub theory of operations management

    The bathtub theory of operations management is being promoted as the next breakthrough for global competitiveness. The factory is a bathtub with 50 gallons of capacity. The drain is the outlet to the market and can output three gallons per hour when wide open. The faucet is the raw material input and can let material in at a rat

    What is Joan's recourse after being fired from her job?

    Joan works for the City Building and Records Department. She was hired a year before Derrick who works in her department. One day, Derrick complained to her about her jewelry, a small gold cross she wore as a necklace. He told her that it offended him and that she shouldn't wear it again. When she refused, he complained to their

    HR/Bargaining and Workplace Behavior

    1. If you are a director of a company, how might you view the bargaining unit? How does the NLRB determine if a bargain unit is appropriate? Please describe the current trends in union membership and union organizing. 2. Do you think a company can eliminate violence in the workplace? Why? The substance abusing employee

    Decision concepts: theory, principle, model

    Note...there are multiple scenarios within the Unit 2 activity. Your goal is to try to identify the most applicable decision concept (from our learning in Unit 2) for each scenario, support your conclusions, and then provide a summary analysis about what you've learned. There are three (3) parts to this project. Your researc

    Decision Theory: Explain why decisions once considered rational are not irrational

    Re-review the information in the assigned text for Unit 2 (Chapter 7, 8 & 9) and do a bit of outside research (outside the text using the AIU Library or the Internet) on the differences between rational and irrational decision making. These terms aren't static and are relatively fluid (in other words our interpretation of what i

    Exxon Mobil Valuation Criteria

    A) Determine the valuation criteria and technique used to select the target company and explain the pros and cons for that selection.

    Effectiveness of Evidence Based Management

    This solution provides an explanation on the idea of evidence based management and its use in the decision making process in the business enviroment. Further this solution explains how information tha tis obtained through methods such as surveys can aid management in making effective decisions.

    Steps in financial forecasting and pro forma statements

    A. Describe three ways that pro forma statements are used in financial planning. b. Explain the steps in financial forecasting. c. Briefly explain how to forecast financial statements using the forecasted financial statements approach. Be sure to explain how to forecast interest expenses. d. How is it possible for an empl

    HR: Performance evaluation, Salary surveys, Pension changes, E learning

    1. It is said that training in conducting performance evaluations is an important issue for organizations to consider, why? What should an organization do in order to help make sure that its performance evaluation system is legal? What is the role of job analysis in this process? 2. How would you go about deciding if a su

    Sales Force Management - iTeam, Inc. Minicase

    ITeam, Inc. is a high-tech company based in Walnut Creek, California that produces, markets, and sells computer systems, peripherals, and other consumer electronic products to corporate clients and electronics retailers. iTeam has grown significantly in its first five years focusing on selling its products locally. Recently the

    Interpret the Slope - Regression

    The regression equation NetIncome = 2,277 + .0307 Revenue was fitted from a sample of 100 leading world companies (variables are in millions of dollars). (a) Interpret the slope. (b) Is the intercept meaningful? Explain. (c) Make a prediction of NetIncome when Revenue = 1,000. (Data are from www.forbes.com and Forb

    Personnel disagrees with the company's problem solution

    During an interchange meeting from the customer, one of the functional personnel makes a presentation stating that he personally disagrees with the company's solution to the particular problem under discussion and that the company is "all wet" in its approach. How do you, as a project manager handle this situation?

    Working with a team

    DQ #1 Can you believe everything you see on the evening news or read in you local newspaper? Why or why not? DQ #2 You have the opportunity to work in a team in an academic environment. what have been the best practices of a team, and what are some areas of improvement?

    Aviation Safety Program Management

    Please assist with answers to the attached questions. No length requirement. Brief, concise answers are acceptable if they thoroughly address the questions. 1. Think of an aviation situation, perhaps involving FAR enforcement, where the result of the enforcement action was not to change the behavior, but merely to encourag

    Aviation Safety Program Management: safety, risk, accident, event, investigate

    Please assist with answers to the attached questions. No length requirement. Brief, concise answers are acceptable if they thoroughly address the questions. 1. Suppose that an airliner is parked at the gate and being serviced. The flight crew and passengers are not on board. The catering truck is mis-positioned and as it

    Journals and Scientific Documents

    Journals and Scientific Documents 1. Discuss the purpose of journals and professional papers. 2. Discuss the organization of a technical scientific paper. 3. Use the University Library (https://axiaecampus.phoenix.edu/secure/gotoLibrary.asp) to find a scholarly journal article related to your final project. Read and wri

    Verizon Wireless Market Structure

    Verizon Wireless Market Structure I need to include the following information in my case analysis for Verizon Wireless. Name a major competitor of your selected company. Do they share the same target market? What differentiates your product and/or service from each other in terms of utility? What differentiate

    Nadler-Tushman Congruence Model Case Analysis

    Using the Nadler-Tushman Congruence Model, conduct an analysis of a BANKS outputs. Remember that outputs exist at the individual, group and organizational levels and that there are often differences between the outputs an organization specifies in its strategic plans and those that are actually achieved. 1. Identify the key ou

    Forecasting and Strategic Management Processes

    1. List five personal events and the year they are likely to occur in the future. List five general events and the year they are likely to occur in the future. 2. Discuss which model of the strategic management process most closely meets the planning needs of your organization. Who in your organization would you involve in yo

    Operations Management - Leblanc Electronics, Inc.

    Leblanc Electronics, Inc., in Nashville, produces short runs of custom airwave scanners for the defense industry. You have been asked by the owner, Larry Leblanc, to reduce inventory by introducing a kanban system. After several hours of analysis, you develop the following data for scanner connectors used in one work cell. How m