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    The Catbird Seat

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    The Catbird Seat" by James Thurber is a humorous piece pitting a small and seemingly powerless man, Mr. Irwin Martin, against a whirlwind of an opponent, the loud and overbearing Mrs. Ulgine Barrows. The two main characters in this story are the protagonist, Erwin Martin, and the antagonist, Ulgine Barrows. Both are well rounded characters. The character of Mr. Martin is portrayed as a polite, unassuming, trustworthy employee. He is cautious and predictable in his work and lifestyle. He intentionally moves slowly and quietly about the workplace while others are watching. This is all part of selling an image of innocence to his colleagues. His boss states, "Man is fallible but Martin isn't." This pristine image will be his salvation in the end. No one could ever believe that he would be capable of killing anybody. The author continually emphasizes the "temperate habits" of Martin to strengthen the argument for his purity. He does not smoke, nor does he drink anything stronger than ginger ale. His usual routine after work is to eat his dinner, read the newspaper, and ...

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