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    How does the reading process change the reader?

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    Please explain how the reading process change the reader? Could you use examples from the following attachments to help. I need to relate this by making an analytical argument about the role literature can and should play as businesses cope with social change.

    Please use demographics to explain this.

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    In order for you to complete this assignment, you will need to focus on the main question, which has several components. The larger topic is "what role literature can and should play as businesses cope with social change?" The focused topic is "how does the reading process change the reader?" To answer these questions, you are asked to use "an analytical argument" with examples from the two texts you have presented. From your description of your assignment, "demographics" are another important part of the answer.

    To approach this paper, I would first concentrate on your answer to the main question. From reading both "The Catbird Seat" and "Shooting an Elephant," what do you think are the main issues that would relate to the use of literature and social change? Both stories present a particular environment undergoing change, and the response of a particular individual to this environment. How do our expectations change in the course of reading the story? How do we sympathize with the main character? What do we learn about him? What is his response to the pressures of his situation?

    In "The Catbird Seat," Mr. Martin appears to be a particular type of person, thoughtful and ...