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Theoretical Perspectives on Teaching Reading

Since the 1980s, differing theoretical perspectives on teaching literacy have been proposed. In addition to the readings, research a minimum of three articles that you can use to support your analysis. Please analyze and state the major themes, issues, and influences derived from these perspectives.
1. Relate these perspectives to their impact on classroom instruction.
2. Provide specific, supportive evidence for each theme or issue from readings and from your own experience.

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As mentioned in your prompt, there are multiple perspectives regarding how best to teach reading to students. I will provide with some notes about three different theoretical perspectives I am familiar with. I will also provide you with some references. With these notes, it will be quite easy to write an analytical essay- in fact you will have to cut out much of this information to fit it into that context and still provide your own conclusions as well.

1) The Modernist Perspective
Basically, this theoretical perspective rests on the premise that the meaning of a piece of writing resides solely in the text. Using this perspective, readers must apply a 'neutral text' in order to really comprehend the meaning that is inside the text. Reading must be viewed as a cognitive process, as well as a psychological one. What this means, simply, is that reading should be 'non-partisan'. It needs to be absent of any biases inherent in social, political, or ...

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