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    Scripture and Tradition in Roman Catholic Church

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    2. Thoroughly present the nature and relationship between Scripture and Tradition in Roman Catholic Church teaching.

    3a. Illustrate how the assigned documents, as a whole, elevate your awareness of the complexities of approaching the reading of Scripture.

    3b. Include at least four specific examples to illustrate your position.

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    Let's look at each section as an illustrative guide for you to consider for this interesting paper. I also attached a book review that reviews the theology of Scriptures from various scholars that you can also use as a guide for: organization, such as introduction and conclusion, and perhaps context, if it aligned with your readings). My examples are drawn from this document, which is attached for convenience, which is also offered on-line.

    The second attachment is a discussion of the relationship between tradition and Scripture which expands on this response, and some of which this response is drawn.


    1. Introduction

    Your introduction introduces your topic and includes a thesis or purpose statement of your paper. For example:

    Scripture theology and the reading of Scripture evolved over the history of the Roman Catholic Church. In the Church, the relationship between tradition and Scripture is complex. Tradition refers to the "sacred or apostolic tradition"-the teachings that the apostles passed on orally through their preaching. In fact, these traditions are not legends or mythological accounts, but rather these teachings largely (perhaps entirely) overlap with those contained in Scripture; however, the mode of their transmission is different (http://www.catholic.com/library/Scripture_and_Tradition.asp). The purpose of this paper will be to examine the relationship between Scripture and Tradition in Roman Catholic Church teaching, as well as the complexity of reading Scripture from various perspectives.

    2. Thoroughly present the nature and relationship between Scripture and Tradition in Roman Catholic Church teaching. Please use at least three varied examples from the assigned readings.

    According to the Roman Catholic Church teaching, the relationship is such that the true "rule of faith"-as expressed in the Bible itself-is Scripture plus apostolic tradition. The Church believes this relationship is manifested in the living teaching authority of the Catholic Church, to which were entrusted the oral teachings of Jesus and the apostles, along with the authority to interpret Scripture correctly. (http://www.catholic.com/library/Scripture_and_Tradition.asp)

    You will need to give examples of this from your assigned readings, such as:

    For example, the Second Vatican Council's document on divine revelation, Dei Verbum (Latin: "The Word of God") explains the relationship between Tradition and Scripture this way:

    "Hence there exists a close connection and communication between sacred Tradition and sacred Scripture. For both of them, flowing from the same divine wellspring, in a certain way merge into a unity and tend toward the same end. For sacred Scripture is the word of God inasmuch as it is consigned to writing under the inspiration of the divine Spirit. To the successors of the apostles, sacred Tradition hands on in its full purity God's word, which was entrusted to the apostles by Christ the Lord and the Holy Spirit.

    "Thus, by the light of the Spirit of truth, these successors can in ...

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