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    Changes in the Catholic Church with new Pope

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    With the elction of a new Pope, Benedict XVI, what changes/reforms would you like to see in Roman Catholic Tradition? Why?

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    I think whether or not the election of the New Pope requires some changes/reforms depends on 2 main factors: first, the general view of Catholics themselves, and second, the ethos of the contemporay society in which the Catholic Church finds herself.

    One cannot say much about the need for change for two reasons. (1) Because the Church is perceived or at least believed to be governed by Ecclesiastical authority, it has power within its own limit to remain 'conservative' in terms of doctrine. Second, there is growing influence by liberal political democratic theorists on the need to separate the church and society. This means that the state or the public has less to sayor to do about religious orthodoxy.

    However, since the church is part of the society and is not outside of it, there is a sense in which contemporary public and political views of the society could shape or ...