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    Research Analysis: Arcelor Mittal Case

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    Research the multinational steel manufacturing company ArcelorMittal (http://www.arcelormittal.com/). After reviewing all of the documents which you can find on the web and in libraries, write a response analyzing this company in terms of their global strategic management. Consider the following ideas in your response:

    - Are there problems facing this manufacturing company? If so, what could be considered the most important problem facing ArcelorMittal?

    - Now think about the company's priorities. What recommendation(s) would you make to ArcelorMittal in terms of how they structure their priorities?

    - Is it possible to find a good balance between your commitment to shareholders and your commitment to the community? How so?

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    - Are there problems facing this manufacturing company? If so, what could be considered the most important problem facing ArcelorMittal?

    ArcelorMittal is the world's largest and most global steel company. It has 310,000 employees in more than 60 countries. The company brings together the world's number one and number two steel companies, Arcelor and Mittal Steel. ArcelorMittal is the leader in all major global markets, including automotive, construction, household appliances and packaging, with leading R&D and technology, as well as sizable captive supplies of raw materials and outstanding distribution networks. An industrial presence in 28 European, Asian, African and American countries exposes the company to all the key steel markets, from emerging to mature, positions it will be looking to develop in the high-growth Chinese and Indian markets. ArcelorMittal key un-audited financials for 2007 show revenues of USD 105.2 billion, with a crude steel production of 116 million tonnes, representing around 10 per cent of world steel output (http://www.arcelormittal.com/index.php?lang=en&page=49&tb0=258&tblng=1).

    The major problem facing this company seems to be environmental protections because most are regulated by law, and because of the nature of the industry and its potential to pollute the world e.g., linked to global warming, water, biodiversity; which are some of the most important concerns facing the world today (http://www.break.com/usercontent/2007/4/Arcelor-Mittal-WebTV-Episode-VII-Environment-284556.html). In fact, steel-making is very energy intensive and emits a significant amount of carbon dioxide (CO2). The website reports that the production of every tonne ...

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    In reference to the manufacturing company ArcelorMittal, this solution discusses the most important problem facing this company, provides recommendations in terms of prioritizing for this company and gives a discussion about how a balance between ones commitment to shareholders and commitment to the community can be maintained. This is all completed in about 900 words with references.