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    Define RFQ and Business Analyst Job Description

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    I am starting on a new Business Anaylst team at work and I need some suggestions to get started.
    First, could you provide some job description and duties for Business Analyst title?
    Secondly,I need to create RFQ process and flowchart for computer manufacturing company.

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    A business analyst is someone who is specialized to analyze business needs and problems, consults with users and stakeholders to identify the various opportunities for improving business return through information technology, and transforms requirements into a technical form. Briefly the job of a business analyst is to review the data of a firm and make suggestions for doing a more efficient job.

    Below are some of the duties of a business analyst are summarized from Exforsys Inc:

    1. Business analysts meet with the pertinent parties, in an organization including management and employees, who are necessary to the successful completion of the analysis. They will interview the individuals and determine whom they are dealing with ...

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    The solution defines "request for quote". It also gives a description for a business analyst job description.