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    Compare and contrast emotional, optimistic and deductive thi

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    Compare and contrast emotional, optimistic and deductive thinking.

    Need references.

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    Emotional thinking is thinking with your feelings. An emotional thinker may lean more towards a combination of an idealist or pragmatist. The approach of an emotional thinker has the tendency to use their feelings as to what is right and what is wrong in terms of their morals or beliefs. They tend to look for the immediate satisfaction and quick payoff to serve their emotions and "feel good" about a decision. It's almost like this type of thinker is saying to himself, I feel, and therefore it is. This is in direct contrast to the deductive thinker in that an emotional thinker bases their view of a situation based on the way he or she is feeling or ...

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    This solution compares and contrasts emotional, optimistic and deductive thinking. It is 400+ words with 5 references.