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    Medical Negligence Law and Ethics

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    The instructions are attached:

    Find a published case or article of Medical Negligence online. Research and 2 pages double space report. Must include the following guidelines in the research:

    ? Was there an apparent failure for the medical care practitioner to provide services rendered? Explain.
    ? What type of negligent act was committed? Why?
    ? Was the result of negligent act? Explain/
    ? Was there any form of restitution to the injured party who suffered under the negligent act? Explain/
    ? What could have been done to prevent this act of negligence and maintain the proper standard of care?

    Please at most two pages and to the point as possible!

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    In the NGUYEN v. STECHER CASE (HUONG M. NGUYEN, et. al. v. KARL D. STECHER, JR., M.D.), Dr. Stecher was sued for negligence after the patient died as the result of routine surgery. Specifically, Dr. Stecher failed to adequately protect Be Thi Luong's common carotid artery during the surgery, which failure was a breach of the standard of care. Be Thi Luong's carotid artery was injured as a result of this breach, and Be Thi Luong died as a result thereof. Karl Stecher, Jr., M.D., performed a routine, anterior cervical discectomy on Be Thi Luong, a 54 year old female, in September 2000. During the operation, Dr. Stecher injured Be Thi Luong's left common carotid artery. Dr. Stecher attempted to repair the damaged artery but, after the surgery, imaging studies revealed a large cerebral cortical infarct. Be Thi Luong died two days later as a result of the injury to the carotid artery and cerebral cortical infarct. Plaintiffs testified that Dr. Stecher came out ...

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    In reference to an article on Medical Negligence, this response reports on various dimensions, such as the negligent act committed, the result of the negligent act, the restitution to the injured party who suffered under the negligent act. Also discussed are the types of interventions that might have prevented this act of negligence and maintained the proper standard of care.