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Compare and contrast July 2011 and Jan 2012 option price P&G

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Using Yahoo or another financial web site, find option prices for Proctor & Gamble. Compare and contrast information on July 2011 options to January 2012 options. Focus only on options with a strike price of $55 and $75.

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Source: http://www.google.com/finance/option_chain?q=NYSE:PG
The current price of the stock right now is 62.08
For July 16, 2011 option expiration

Call: At K= $55, the option of the call price costs $7, and no one bought the option. It means that 0 people believe that P&G stock is worth more than $55 dollars on July16,2011.

At K= $75, the call price costs $0.03, no one bought the option for this strike price, it could mean that investors are pessimistic that the stock price will increase.

Put: At K= $55, the put option is priced at $0.35, and 2010 options are purchased out of 6104 options offered. It means that 2010 investors betting that P&G stock will go down below $54.65 strike price.

At K = $75, the put is priced at $15.60 and 0 option is purchased, this means ...