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    Work Philosophies of Turkey and Israel

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    I need help to write a 1200 word paper analyzing the work philosophies of Turkey and Israel. Please include in the paper at least five considerations such as:
    Insurance (health or welfare)
    Labor Unions/works councils



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    //Before writing about the 'Holidays' related Philosophies and 'Perks' related Philosophies of Turkey and Israel, it is essential to know about the background of the Countries. One should know about the economic growth over here, which further will assist in analyzing the different philosophies in an effective manner.//


    A Eurasian country - Turkey has a mix blend of eastern and western traditions. It is a 'developed economy' which is continuously striving to acquire strategic significance. The economy of Turkey demonstrates integration between the modern industry and traditional agriculture. On the other hand, Israel - a Western Asian country, is a 'developing economy', especially in terms of economic and industrial growth. It has scarcity of natural resources and needs to properly utilize them to ensure optimum utilization.

    //Above is the discussion of Country background. Moving to the next section, explanation about the Holiday related philosophies and Perks related Philosophies of Turkey and Israel is to be discussed.//

    Holidays related Philosophies


    The catalog and dates of the certified public holidays in Turkey are mainly regulated by the Act 2429 which was established in March, 1981. This act was made by replacing the act of 2739 in May, 1935. All public holidays in Turkey are grounded on assured religious calendars that are dominated by the home variations which are due to the diverse interpretations among different religious authorities.

    In Turkey, holidays may be provincial or non official or it may be restricted to certain sacred and linguistic groups. Islamic calendar is being used in Turkey which is very helpful in deciding the numbers of holidays for all that are working in various fields (Public Holidays and Bank Holidays for Turkey, 2008).


    Law in Israel had decided 9 days of official holiday throughout the year. Independence Day holiday is for all the citizens of Israel, although other holidays are Jewish religious holidays. Government has approved many formats of holiday for education institutes. Most of the businesses and government offices permit workers to choose extra one or two days of leave out of list of non-functionary holidays.

    All holidays in Israel start on sunset, hence, working places close down in afternoon on the holidays. Weekends in Israel are Friday to Saturday. The law assigns 36 hours of weekly holiday from Friday afternoon till Sunday morning, but most of the businesses and offices are closed throughout the whole day on Fridays (Holidays in Israel, 2007).

    Perks related Philosophies


    Data of 1995 had announced that the Turkish work-force is constituted of more or less 36 percent of the population or 23.8 million individuals. The agricultural sector of Turkey utilizes 46 percent of this manpower. The number of female workers has altered substantially, the Turkish work-force is however male-prevailed, with men constituting 71 percent of the manpower. Labor laws in Turkey ...

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