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    LP Problem

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    Ajax Fuels, Inc., is developing a new additive for airplane fuels. The additive is a mixture of three ingredients: A, B, and C.

    For proper performance, the total amount of additive (amount of A + amount of B + amount of C) must be at least 10 ounces per gallon of fuel. However, because of safety reason, the amount of additive must not exceed 15 ounces per gallon of fuel. The mix or blend of the three ingredients is critical. At least 1 ounce of ingredient A must be used for every ounce of ingredient B, and the amount of ingredient C must be greater than or equal to one half the amount of ingredient A.

    If the costs per ounce for ingredients A, B, and C are $ 0.10, $0.03 and $ 0.09, respectively, find the minimum-cost mixture of A, B, and C for each gallon of airplane fuel.

    Formulate the problem and solve it on a computer either by using the Microsoft's Excel. You need to submit the formulation as well as the computer output.

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