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    Linear programming using two-phase simplex and graphical method

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    a) When solving linear programming problems a number of problem cases can arise. Explain, with the aid of diagrams where appropriate, how you would identify each of the following cases when solving a two-variable problem using the graphical method and when using the two-phase Simplex method.

    i) A non-unique solution
    ii) An infeasible problem.
    iii) An unbounded problem.
    iv) A degenerate solution.
    v) Describe the usual consequence of degeneracy and explain briefly how degeneracy can be avoided.

    b) Explain how the two-phase Revised Simplex method indicates that a linear programming problem is (i) infeasible, (ii) unbounded and (iii) has infinitely many solutions.

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    Two-phase Simplex method
    A non-unique solution
    If Dz=0, then we know that there is an alternate optima or the solution is non-unique. Refer to the inner productive rule for the derivation and formula for Dz.
    An infeasible problem
    If w'>0 in the Phase 1 LP, then the problem is infeasible
    An unbounded problem
    If maxin Z = +¥, then the problem is unbounded. In other words, if the optimum value, which is represented by Z in the LP, approaches infinity, then the problem is unbounded.
    A degenerate solution
    If w'=0 in the Phase 1 LP and one or more of the basic variables are equal to 0, then the problem has a feasible solution, but it is degenerate

    Graphical method
    A non-unique solution
    When the obkective function line is moved parallel to the farthest or nearest boundary of the LP ...

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    The expert describes the usual consequence of degeneracy and explain briefly how degeneracy can be avoided. Identify non-unique solution, degenerate solution, infeasible problem, unbounded problem using graphical method and two-phase simplex method.