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Select on organization that you have worked for (I thought maybe Primerica would be good) or one your fimiliar with.

Discussion Board Assignment

Basically provide a brief overview of the organization and list the goals of that organization. Many times "Mission statements" can be found on the companys website. Describe how these goals meet the characteristics of effect goals that have been learned about from ones research and text (theories, practices,methods).

Select at least two of the goals and suggest how the organization would go about planning to achieve those goals. Use web resources to support the argument and use standard APA format.

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//Before writing about the Goals of Primerica, it is essential to know about the background of the Company. One should about the main operations of the Company, which further will assist in analyzing the goals, in an effective manner.//

Overview of the Organization

Primerica is a global financial service providing company situated at Duluth in Georgia. This is counted in the North America's top financial service marketing organizations. The company operates in the business of providing financial services and products to the middle class families. The services of the company include mutual funds, loans, life insurance, pre-paid legal services, etc. In addition to the financial services, the company also provides entrepreneurial opportunities to the employees. The life insurance facilities provided by the company helps the middle class customers to invest more money in the coming time for their family (Primerica, 2008).

//Above is the discussion of background of the Organization. Moving to ...

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